Deborah Brooks

Speech-Language Pathologist


Deborah Brooks MA, CCC/SLP, TSSLD



Deborah Brooks is a Speech-Language Pathologist providing speech therapy services throughout NYC. She is also the creator of the speech therapy coloring book series: Color in Speech 

The purpose of speech therapy is to improve an individual’s speech, language, communication, feeding, and swallowing abilities
so that they are able to accurately and appropriately communicate their wants, needs, and ideas as well as ask questions and safely and efficiently chew and swallow food.

Speech Pathologists  do this by targeting neuroplasticity.  They work to rewire an individual’s brain in order to relieve or heal a speech, language, communication,  feeding, or swallowing disorder.

Speech pathologists work to improve a client’s performance through consistent and deliberate repeated practice of
target behaviors.



Expressing oneself through the production and articulation of sound. 

Speech encompasses: 

1. Articulation

2. Fluency

3. Voice 


The use of words in a structured and conventional way for written, spoken, or signed communication.

Language is broken down into three elements:

1. Form

2. Content

3. Use 




The imparting or exchanging of information or news and successfully conveying and sharing ideas and feelings.